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If you’re smart, successful, on the way up … and still secretly having moments of panic, overwhelm, or feeling like your work is taking over your life;

If you are struggling with the ceaseless demands of leadership;

If you’ve gotten feedback that you need to be a “better leader” but you don’t know where to start;

If you have a boss that needs some diplomatic feedback on their own performance;

You’re not alone. So many of us are impacted by the unfortunately-common and disruptive leadership behaviors that get in the way of a great workplace.

Want to learn how to adopt new habits and behaviors for your work and life?

( …and help others do the same?)

Book cover: The 10 Terrible Habits that Undermine Leadership

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  • The bottom-line impact of ineffective leadership habits
  • Why smart leaders sometimes do dumb things
  • Insights gleaned from a decade of Executive Coaching and observations of smart leaders like yourself
  • How to recognize if you or your boss are engaging in any of the 10 Terrible Habits
  • The 10 Positive Habits that deliver better results
  • The simple, four-stage process that will help you create new habits and behaviors for both work and life
  • How others have successfully overcome terrible habits to become better leaders
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