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Act Happy Week, Day 3: For What Are You Thankful Today?

Ten Gratitude Activities Here are practices used by me and others (or me) that I know work to strengthen your gratitude muscles, which are a pre-requisite to Happiness. Some are simple, some complex; some are high-tech, low-tech, visual, verbal, or physical. There is no ‘perfect’ practice, so create one that works for you. For more context and other ideas to …

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ACT HAPPY WEEK, DAY 1: WHERE ARE YOU NOW? I’m always excited about the third week of March. Act Happy Week has been a thing since 2004, embracing International Day of Happiness on March 20. We SOOO need Act Happy Week this year, so I hope you’ll join me. Every day this week I will offer you a new tool or make a new offer to …

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Lessons Learned From A Pandemic – Part Two

This post continues the sharing of lessons learned from a dumpster fire of a year… that despite obstacles and tragedy, still offered learning and opportunity. On Your Inner Life You can live well AND slower. Many of you reconnected with Patience, Silence, Stillness, and Sleep. “I can slow down and still get everything done. I don’t have to rush everywhere, all …

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I. Good Apples and Bad Apples I wrote this article the day before the 2021 US Presidential inauguration, a day that historians may point to as the first non-peaceful transition of power in United States history. I find that vaguely unsettling. I came into 2021 cruising on Optimism, as I always do at the start of a year. I felt …

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During my search for past writings on Optimism, I came across this article from 2012, LONG before pandemics and 2020’s turmoil – and I was struck by how much of the wisdom from a “normal” year still applies, but feels different, in a pandemic year. With minor tweaks, I share this from the archives. My ambition for this newsletter was …

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Special Request from Jim – What did you learn in 2020?

What did you learn this year?  In a normal year it is a common practice to look back to reflect on accomplishments before looking forward to plan for the next. Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings, represents this duality. As this Dumpster Fire of a year blessedly draws to an end, I’m looking forward to 2021 and …

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Lily Tomlin saying: I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

DISCLAIMER: This post moves into territory I have never before addressed publicly. I recognize that for some this topic may push into what they experience as polarizing space. I offer this essay as MY reflection on MY experience in the world right now, and I make no judgment whatsoever about you and your position in the world. I invite you only …

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What Can You Control?

What Can I Control

Stress is Mostly Self-Created Happiness Principle** #7 says, Choose to Respond: What happens is going to happen, regardless. Accept constant, discontinuous change as reality and instead of reacting, respond with curiosity. Wow, when I created these principles, I had no idea how useful they’d be 17 years later during a pandemic! Let’s take a moment to go back to basics: what …

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Jim’s coaching clients say …

Jim wants to really understand his clients. Within 2-3 visits, my conversations with Jim felt as though I was talking with an old friend. Jim also wants to challenge his clients to dig deeper. This approach worked well with me as a motivating factor.
Ryan Evans, IT Manager, Banking

Jim’s keynote/speaking clients say …

Just wanted you to know how much you are touching lives. I met a gentlemen for whom it may be very difficult to find a new job. He attended one of your presentations. You handed out a post card with tips for what to do when out of work. He also took fast and furious notes and went through his notes with me. He latched onto your every word. Although down in the dumps, he is reaching to get out and you are one of the people who really helped him.
Norma Delp, Career Coach

Jim’s mentor coaching clients say …

Whenever Jim coaches me as an individual, he also teaches me something about being a coach. Most recently he gave me a tool to use to inquire about something that was keeping me stuck. It was simple, and elegant, and moved me from a small and simple inquiry into an area of much more fertile ground for inquiry – basically opened up an entire universe of questions and issues and assessments that I hadn’t been aware of. If he coaches you, you’ll learn about yourself as a coach and yourself as a pe… Read more
Grace Goodman, Attorney at Law / Coach, California, USA

Jim’s clients on happiness …

The thing I like best about coaching with Jim is his ability to transfer an optimism, to create ‘mental space’ in the course of our sessions. I could pretty much count on leaving a call with a very positive, forward looking attitude regardless of my mood going in which basically transformed my entire day!
Chris Knight, CFO

Jim’s clients say …

I experienced some very significant, career changing achievements in the first few months of my coaching with Jim. Until then, I had been under-achieving. The coaching gave me the boost that I needed to get over the bar necessary to make progress in my career. I remember my Dad saying to me, ‘I wish I was just 10% smarter. It would make such a big difference.’ Coaching has made me 10% smarter, and it has made a big difference. Coaching helped me to be more positive about myself and my capabil… Read more
Ed Britton, ChinaCoach, Executive Directory, Tianjiao Institute, Fujian Province, China