13 Principles of Happiness

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1. Become Positively Self-ish
When you take care of yourself first, you build a foundation for stronger relationships with others, increase your capacity, and reduce doubt.

2. Live Your Values
Clearly identify and proclaim your personal values through the way you live and work. You are more likely to spot opportunities when you know what they look like.

3. Live for Life, not Stuff
Let go of possessions, roles, lifestyles that others and a marketing-hyped society impose on you; focus instead on what truly brings you Joy.

4. Be Early
Whether it is project deadlines, appointments, or learning opportunities, get there before you are expected, and watch your stress load decrease exponentially.

5. Build Reserves
Identify what worries you, and work to create extra in your life, whether that is money, personal space, or extra toilet paper in the cabinet.

6. Tolerate Nothing
Continually identify and eliminate all the little “stuff” which causes you friction and drains your energy.

7. Choose to Respond
What happens is going to happen, regardless. Accept constant, discontinuous change as reality and instead of reacting, respond with curiosity.

8. Stimulate Your Development
Surround yourself with environments and people that continually challenge you, energize you, and literally pull you forward. Have adventures.

9. Pay Attention
When we are on auto-pilot, life just happens around us. Look. Listen. Notice. The sunset in your own backyard can be just as wondrous as the one at the beach..

10. Simplify
Automate, delegate, or eliminate tasks or goals that complicate your life. Being content with simpler pleasures increases your opportunity for awe.

11. Speak the Truth
Stop playing games. Recognize that though the truth may sometimes sting, it is the starting place for all progress. Challenge others to see the truth.

12. Focus on Today
Waiting for something to happen “tomorrow” in order for you to be happy is like watching yourself in the mirror and saying “You go first.”

13. Be Authentic
Be yourself, not somebody else. When the Real You shows up, connections are easy.


“Happiness is a decision anyone can make.”