What You Expect You Get; Do You Get It?

A Story About Leadership I’m currently working with three clients who, in different ways and for different reasons, are working to improve their organization’s Performance Management systems. The three cultures differ dramatically, as do the issues that need addressing. Yet a common issue has emerged at all three: we need to do a better job of setting expectations. Attention to expectations is …

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Why Should Your Boss Care If You’re Happy?

Happiness is Noticed for its Absence… Picture this: I am sitting in a room with a leadership team who are frustrated with high levels of behavior often associated with employee disconnection: turnover, absenteeism, gossip, backbiting, lack of discretionary effort, cliquishness, zero input during meetings, constant griping about even the tiniest things, and a pervasive sense of overwhelm. They “admire the problem” …

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I sense so much tension in the world, today.  I know that there have been times in human history when conflict was uglier and more violent, and that, statistically speaking, the world has never been safer; and yet… The ugliness that exists today feels so pervasively personal. Internet trolls have affected our ability to have civil discourse, even about important …

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Stop Stress Before It Stops You

I live in the United States, and everyone I speak with recently seems incredibly stressed. Mixing a contentious political environment with a high degree of uncertainty about our workplaces and economic and social environments has pushed many people to the far edge of anxiety. And this is a global issue. A little stress keeps you laser-focused and productive, but higher …

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You can’t change people but you can always eat Chocolate!

Every coaching client is unique, yet occasionally I fall into situational vortex in which (it seems) everyone I’m coaching shows up with the same issue.  In the past few weeks that challenge has been Other People:  “My director this, my coworker that, my boss is, my partner should, I wish she would, I’m frustrated he won’t….” and so on.  The …

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WHO will you be next year?

Leadership is Personal I had a stimulating conversation with an amazing person the other day.  She is the president of a company striving to build a better world, and many of her observations and questions revolved the topics of social impact, making a difference, and the power of Leadership. We really connected around a descriptor she used for her company: we don’t …

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Give Thanks, Get Results

Dear tribe members: If you celebrate the Great American Holiday of Thanksgiving, you will soon gather round a meal and give thanks for your blessings. Enjoy that moment. Know also that I appreciate you; Thanks for being part of this conversation. AND that’s not what this quick note is about. This is about the workplace, and what you need to …

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How to Lead – Back to Basics

{Note: I write my own material, sharing other people’s great stuff in my social media streams. But while writing this month’s edition, a blog landed in my inbox that is so provocatively written and so resonates with my core message that I cannot just tweet a link – I feel compelled to share the entire piece with you, my tribe. …

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