The 13 Principles of Happiness, Redux

A few weeks ago I delivered one of my core talks, “Five Prescriptions for Living and Leading in a Turbulent World” to an enthusiastic audience. One of the participants approached me after the program to say, “Jim, I’ve been a subscriber for over a year, and I’ve never read anything about these 13 Principles of … Read more

Create New Systems for the New Year

As the year turns, I hope your “Leadership Sense” is tingling with the possibilities for a year of growth and improvement.  Besides the daily tweaking and problem-solving that is part of your role, consider spending part of your time looking at the long term and the underlying systems that create the outcomes you’re currently getting from … Read more

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

I recently heard my pastor tell the following story: A college professor entered the empty classroom and wrote on the blackboard. As the students arrived and took their places he revealed the board and announced, “These are your exam questions. Please begin. I am going to be writing the exam questions for the next period … Read more