There Are Other Places To Sing

A reader sent me this story as a response my post on Saying Goodbye.  I teared up as I read it, and now pass it along to you.  My Aunt Corrine passed on last Friday evening — she’s now singing in a different place. I hope you enjoy it. THE OLD PHONE When I was … Read more

Saying Goodbye is part of life

My dear Aunt Corrine (my Mom’s only sibling) was diagnosed w/ a brain cancer in Feb 2007, and had endured many ordeals since.  Throughout the battle w/ cancer, the family insisted she remain in her home, and they marshalled family and friends for around the clock care for two whole years. Aunt Corrine proved VERY … Read more

Life Includes Death

I learned just minutes ago that a good friend died yesterday. She was over a decade younger than me, and we had little in common except for our very broad and eclectic interests, an intense interest in curiosity about how people behave and a shared sense of (very dry) humor.  And that was enough. I … Read more