What to do when someone you love is grieving

A coaching client recently lost a dear aunt to cancer. “She was like a mom to me,” he explained. A day after our last meeting, he wrote to ask for some help. “Hey, Jim, I was talking with my cousin today. He said that his dad isn’t doing well with his wife passing. He cries … Read more

Play that Happy Music!

One of my mantras is that you — and you alone — are responsible for your own happiness, that it is your decision.  And if no one else can “make” you happy, it stands to reason that you cannot make other people happy either.  Right?   Well, sort of.  Just because you can’t make someone … Read more

Exercises to Strengthen Your Emotional Muscles

You do crossword puzzles and Sudoku to keep your cognitive skills sharp, and you walk and life weights to keep your body strong… but what do you do to strengthen your EMOTIONAL muscles? Here are a handful of exercises to improve your Emotional Intelligence — an especially critical skill set for leaders and influencers.