I. ACT HAPPY WEEK, DAY 5: WHAT’S THE ONE THING? In 2018 I was guest on the Leadership Hacks Podcast with my esteemed colleague, Jill Windelspecht, a fellow executive coach and organization consultant. Jill invited me to bring my best hack (shortcut/workaround) to the conversation, so I showed up with the most basic tool in my box: Breathing. … Read more

Act Happy Week, Day 3: For What Are You Thankful Today?

Ten Gratitude Activities Here are practices used by me and others (or me) that I know work to strengthen your gratitude muscles, which are a pre-requisite to Happiness. Some are simple, some complex; some are high-tech, low-tech, visual, verbal, or physical. There is no ‘perfect’ practice, so create one that works for you. For more … Read more

Lessons Learned From A Pandemic – Part Two

This post continues the sharing of lessons learned from a dumpster fire of a year… that despite obstacles and tragedy, still offered learning and opportunity. On Your Inner Life You can live well AND slower. Many of you reconnected with Patience, Silence, Stillness, and Sleep. “I can slow down and still get everything done. I don’t … Read more

Slow Down Or You’ll Miss It

  This month’s post was inspired by a blog from one of my favorite mentors in the consulting world, Alan Weiss. This short excerpt sets the stage and my thoughts follow: An asteroid three times the size of the Empire State Building shot by the Earth last week, “only” three million miles away and traveling … Read more

What is Coaching? In two minutes

I get this question often: What is Coaching?  Over my years in the profession the answer has gotten easier, as more people understand coaching as a service provided by trained professionals.There are 50,ooo+ coaches in the world and that number is growing fast; yet the definition of coaching is becoming better defined every day, as … Read more

Did you notice all the COACHES?!

Citius, Altius, Fortius – et cum Magister! ** You probably watched at least a few minutes of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, even if just highlights. Olympians are the best of the best — the Swiftest, Highest, and Strongest, as the Olympic motto reminds us… AND did you notice that every one of them has … Read more

How Do You Keep Your Edge as a Coach?

I mentor other coaches, in addition to working directly with clients. One of the coaches I’m currently mentoring wrote to ask how I keep learning. It caused me to reflect, and I ended up sending her and others a list of the resources and some books that I use to keep my own edge sharp. I share them here.