Yes, You Can Get Ahead Without Losing Your Mind! I got this question from one client, but it’s a question I hear frequently. If this resonates for you, please share! Q: I want to move up in my organization, but in this culture you’ve got to move fast and always be producing. It’s very stressful! … Read more

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Smarter

I practice yoga, and over the winter I attended a workshop on Inversions (all the “upside down” and hand balancing poses). For the past two years I have worked my practice daily, and achieved a Headstand last year (imagine, at age 55, learning to stand on my head!). The next level of challenge for me … Read more

Assertiveness: You Can Do This!

Any emotion that you WANT to experience more can become more natural if you play the role, or practice it, more often.  Let’s look at assertiveness. In assertiveness, you are able to stand up for yourself or your position from a place of confidence. When you practice assertiveness, you are more likely to get your … Read more

You're never too old to learn and grow (I hope!)

Our ability to grow is directly proportional to our ability to entertain the uncomfortable. –Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life A recent email exchange within one of my coaching groups addressed our discomfort with being stretched outside our comfort zone.  One of my colleagues, Carole, shared this recent story, … Read more