Are YOU the Source of the Problem?

One of my coaching clients is looking for a new job. The client’s company is paying for coaching services while the client’s boss is simultaneously doing everything he can to confuse, disconnect and disengage his staff. The client did not intend to use coaching as a career change. Once I introduced language about boundaries and … Read more

You always have the Power to Change YOU

Do you have things or situations in your life that cause you to go, “ugh!”? I call them Tolerations — things you “put up with” in your life. Because they are often small and invisible, they create stress without your awareness; they drain your energy. Happiness Principle #6 reads: Tolerate Nothing. Continually identify and eliminate … Read more

Don't Use these Four Dirty Words at Work!

Here are four words that you should not tolerate in the workplace: FAKE – this is toxic for a leader.  If you do not show up in an Authentic way, people will sense it.  Be genuine. FEAR – when we are uncomfortable, we tend to withdraw.  Leaders must step into the DIScomfort of difficult conversations, … Read more