Deb Timko, Director of Project Quality, AG Interactive

Jim, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your guidance, understanding, patience and smiles. I now have the excitement of watching the world around me and totally enjoying the sights and sounds. My responses amaze me. All of it revolves around me and within me. I approach life with the relaxation and joy you’ve given me. Thanks is such a small word.

The strength you’ve given me is in the mental and physical exercises that you provided. Having them is my personal arsenal for happiness. Specifically, I enjoy the ‘posturing’ you’ve taught and I received the most benefit from the ‘build a different path’ of getting through React to Respond. (This one allows me to fully enjoy and explore all the encounters life gives me.)

I also learned that I can learn and be better every day. You said that I was coachable, and I believe through our interactions you have ‘opened’ my heart and mind to be coachable at all levels, through all interactions.

And I will tell you that it has been an absolute delight getting to know you – getting to know who you are, and trying hard to mirror your special gifts in my own life.

Deb Timko, Director of Project Quality, AG Interactive

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