Happiness is a hot shower

Yesterday I went to the gym feeling particularly well-rested.  So while I was on the treadmill, I threw in some sprints — one-minute bursts at 8 or 9 miles per hour.  Oooh, that felt great.  Then I went to the weight bench, and instead of working with 10 and 20 pound dumbells, my usual range, I went with 15 and 30 pounds.  Same routine, 50% more weight.  After a good stretch at the end, I felt really strong. I totally enjoyed the golden glow of health throughout the rest of the day.
Then I got up this morning.  Ouch.  Upper arms…hurt.    Ankles…pain.  Shoulders… stiff.
I know my body.  I have to keep moving.  But I kept it low key today.  A nice brisk walk, no sprints, no weights, LOTS of slow stretches.
Then I got in to the shower and turned on the hot water.  OMG!  OH.  MY. GOSH!  As the hot jets of water hit my aching shoulder and leg muscles, I could feel ripples — nay, waves — of warm relaxation wash over me.  Whatever tension I was feeling in that moment totally drained away.  I stood under that shower head with steaming water massaging my body and warming my bones for… well, I lost track of time.
After a long while, I came back to reality.  It was time to leave this place of bliss and head to work.  So I did. But it was really hard to pull myself away from the pure pleasure of a hot shower on sore muscles.
Hedonistic pleasure as a form of happiness is typically short lived, but ohhhhh… it feels so good!
Today, Happiness is a hot shower!

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