Email and Happiness

Email and Happiness. Hmmm.
More like Email VERSUS Happiness.
From where I sit today, I don’t see these two as being compatible. No matter how doggedly I seek to clear my Inbox, more messages flow in.  I often feel like I’m battling the mythical Hydra — each time I cut off a head, two more grow in it’s place.
One week ago I wrestled my Inbox down to 38 items, which for me is remarkable!  As I leave my office today, it sits at 234, and 75% of those require action/response.
OK, Jim.  Take a deep breath. It’s only email.  Let it go.  Go to your happy place.  Omm…..
Just whining.  Thanks for listening!  🙂
P.S.  am I the only one who has a love/hate relationship with email??

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  1. I’m Polish, so maybe I don’t understand. You write to people like me anguishing over the fact that there are lots of time consuming e-mails in your inbox all the time and then ask, by e-mail, whether or not you are the only one who has a….. Aren’t we supposed to respond by e-mail to your request, thereby filling more your inbox???? Maybe it’s just me. Tee Hee

  2. Ummmmm…….is this a subtle hint Jim? LOL!
    Work e-mail I deal with quickly and efficiently (surprise!) to keep the inbox cleared out. If I had that many e-mails requiring a reply I’d probably lose my mind!
    Personal e-mail? That’s pure happiness!

  3. Isn’t technology wonderful – wasn’t it supposed to make our lives easier??? Seems to me we’ve just been put on duty 24/7. I admit that used the “mass delete” method when email messages aren’t marked with a “!” However, email isn’t the bane of my existance – when was the last time you went to the grocery store and weren’t called on your cell phone – or worse – texted?! No wonder we’re sleep deprived and cranky…oops…this is supposed to be my happy time…darn phone.

  4. Post

    LOL! Thank you, thank you, all, for validating my frustration. And yes, I do see the paradox, Tom, of venting frustration about email….via email! I’m smilin’ a big smile as I write this. Sometimes just knowing “it’s not just me” really helps me carry on!

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