Life is good. Huh?

So, the buckle on my good leather briefcase broke, and while it’s getting fixed I’ve been using another smaller case I purchased from a Life Is Good store in the Chicago Midway airport. It’s actually an over-the-shoulder messenger bag, so when I’m walking around with it the bag hangs behind me.
I’ve been having lots of people say to me, “life’s good, eh?” or “so, life’s good for you?” in the past ten days, and I was feeling pleased that people are relating to my “happiness guy” theme. Then yesterday I was waiting in line for coffee when a gentleman behind me caught my eye and snarled, “what’s good about it?”
Huh? What are you talking about?
Turns out that the “life is good(r)” logo is embroidered nice and big on the three-inch wide strap that hangs down my back when I’m wearing the bag. Here I thought it was my personal, happy presence that was provoking all the comments.
Nope. It’s just the bag.
And funny thing — that same bag that caused most people to smile at me also caused that surly gentleman to snarl. Who am I, indeed, to be happy?! How dare I? I’m ruining his perfectly good funk, and before his morning caffeine!
Some people got a lot of nerve. Yep!

2 thoughts on “Life is good. Huh?”

  1. LOL….literally! 🙂
    I’m sure your “personal, happy presence” served to reinforce the message on your bag.
    Or did the message on the bag reinforce your personal, happy presence?
    It seems to be a “which came first the chicken or the egg” type of question.


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