More Happiness from Starbucks

So, I’m out of coffee beans at home. I wander into my regular Starbucks location for coffee, and decide to pick up a pound of… something. But I’m looking at six different possibilities. What’s the difference? I’m so confused. This is the same feeling I get when I’m standing in the wine aisle. How can I choose without tasting?
A barista notices my perplexity, and makes an offer: “would you like me to press that for you?”
My first reaction was, “you mean, like iron it? Huh?” She explained that she’d be happy to grind a bit of it up and make a fresh pot in the French Press for me to taste. I accepted her offer.
Five minutes later, I had my own private coffee tasting!
And that made me very happy.

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  1. So, did you get a coffee press also? I think they are the greatest – such a smooth cup of coffee!
    Nice blog, Jim – I’m subscribing….

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