Happiness and Integrity

Reflection: it is difficult to experience true happiness when one does not live in integrity.
You can experience pleasure, yes.  But true happiness, as it is related to meaning and engagement with life, is difficult to achieve and impossible to hold when one is out of integrity.
The word Integrity comes from the Latin, “integritas” and “integra” meaning whole, complete, one.  Why is it so important to the experience of Happiness? Because seeking true happiness while out being out of integrity is like building a house without a foundation.  It may look nice for short time, but because it’s got a weak base it will quickly fall apart.
What is Integrity?
Integrity is… The ability to notice the difference between the truth you know and the truth you live.
Integrity is… What you do when nobody’s watching.
Integrity is… When ethics, honesty, and consistency all collide in one place: you.
Integrity is…. When Think = Say = Do
Integrity is… The quality or state of being entire or complete; wholeness
Integrity is… A very nice balance of self respect and confidence
Integrity is… Being consistent with one’s values or belief system
Reflection for you: picture three interlocking circles: What you Think, What you Say, and What you Do.  The place where those three circles interect in the middle — that is integrity.  And if there is any discrepancy between the three, the circles will NOT intersect — there will be a gap.  Consider where your thinking, speaking, and behavior are out of line. What might you shift so that you are consistent?
Notice how happiness becomes more available to you when you pay attention.

5 thoughts on “Happiness and Integrity”

  1. Hmmmmmm…..integrity is a core value for me as well…….
    Is it a coincidence that 3 of your “regular” blog comment-ers have this in common? I suspect not. Maybe one of the reasons we respond to and work with you is becuase we sense/see that integrity/wholeness in you so clearly. It’s like a mirror reflecting what we want to see in our own lives.
    Or maybe that’s just me.
    I’d never really thought of integrity as a blance of self respect and confidence. I’d always thought more along the lines of being true to my belief system/ doing the right thing when no one’s watching. It’s a LOT more challenging to think of it as incorporating wholeness and authenticity.

  2. Lisa, I suspect it’s that we tend to look for who we are in others. Those who hold Integrity dear are more likely to associate with others who reflect that value.
    As for the wholeness… consider that Integrity, Integral, Integration, etc, come from the same root: whole, oneness, unity. That’s why I love the diagram above — only when we align our thinking, feeling, behavior are we acting out of wholeness. Great stuff!


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