Happiness is a Warm Toilet Seat

One consequence of aging is that one gets up in the middle of the night more often.  I hate it when my butt hits that cold seat in the night.  So it’s 3AM in the middle of my first nite in Tokyo, and I gotta go.  I stumble into the hotel bathroom and… OH.  MY.  GOD!  This toilet seat is warm!  Like…body temperature warm!
I have seen the high-tech Japanese toilets on television, but seeing is not the same as experiencing.  This is incredible.
The next morning, I examine the toilet with a bit more interest.  Not only is the seat heated, but it senses when an occupant sits down, and an internal fan immediately comes on to suck offending odors out of the air.  Hmm.
Next, I examine the control panel.  More accurately, I play with the 4” x 9” portable remote-control wireless console.  With it I can adjust the temperature of the seat; the temperature, strength, and direction of the water spray; and turn the dryer on and off.

This has as many buttons as my TV remote!

This has as many buttons as my TV remote!

Yes, it washes and dries the derriere.  There’s also a bidet, but I choose not to go there.
I want to take this toilet home with me.  My butt would be so very happy!

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  1. Too funny – you made my day! Clearly here in the U.S. we are “behind” on toilet technology. What I find really funny is that like other blogs you neatly tag it with a category and I am wondering how many of your blogs will end up with the “Japanese toliet” tag!!

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