The Universe Wants You to be Happy

I generally dislike car commercials, if for no other reason that they are so blatantly manipulative, relying heavily on vanity, lust, envy, or sex to sell their product.
So I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Ford’s new marketing.  Having been (justifiably) accused of disconnection from the real world, they have responded with elegant simplicity.  One of their billboards shows the oval Ford logo on the left followed by just two words: Buy one.
Ford: Buy one.  Wow, that’s as direct as it gets (their overall theme is Ford: Drive one.) Will it work?  Maybe.  Maybe the simplicity will cut thru the thousands of messages that hit us on a daily basis.
You know, the Universe has been using this same approach for thousands of years, and yet we still manage to miss those messages.  The Universe wants you to be happy, and is constantly sending signs to remind you of that:

  • rainbows
  • sunny days
  • the smell of spring rain
  • laughter
  • tomorrow
  • daffodils
  • the quiet of a winter snowfall
  • crisp fall afternoons
  • sunsets
  • sunrises
  • autumn colors

Are you listening to the Universe?

2 thoughts on “The Universe Wants You to be Happy”

  1. -the sound of spring birds as winter is winding down…
    -bright sun shining on fresh, glittery snow…
    -the view from on top of a 14,000 ft mountain…
    -a random, 60 degree weather day in February to remind you that Spring is coming…
    -a tiny crocus emerging from the soil
    -a really really really good hug from a loved one


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