Coca Cola and the Happiness Machine

Yes, a high-fructose, corn syrup-based soft drink that is currently under attack for being a significant contributor to the obesity epidemic has gone on the Happiness offensive.  First, watch this delightful video, then keep reading.

Coke = Brand Mastery
I must admire Coke for their masterful work in Brand Management.  I mean, how can you hate a product that makes you smile like this?
What’s YOUR Brand?
I think there’s a lesson here — but it’s not about sugary soda. It’s about things YOU can do, every day, to enhance your “brand” in the world, and change the impact you have on other people:
Do the unexpected. Share joy. Do things that give people a reason to smile. Send flowers. Serve “community food” that brings people together (like pizza or a long sub). Be random. Create a positive environment. Give hugs. When people ask you for something, occasionally give them more than they asked for. Laugh. Share with friends.
Yes, I may be a Coca Cola Grouch when it comes to their product, but I LOVE their message. Share some Happiness today!

1 thought on “Coca Cola and the Happiness Machine”

  1. I agree with you, Jim. This video is brilliant! It puts a smile on people’s faces and they will always
    remember that it was associated with Coca Cola! I am a Happiness & Health coach and although
    I know that true Happiness comes from within (and not from a soda), the branding that
    Coca-Cola is doing here is fantastic! It sure put a smile on my face! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and since we are both Happiness Coaches, let’s connect soon.
    You can visit my website at — would love to find out more
    about your work and mission!


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