Life Lessons from a Coffee Cup

When I bought a cup at the airport coffee shop, I expected warm caffeine.  What I got was a list of life tips written on the cup.  It made me smile, and thought I’d share:

  • Thank a Teacher.
  • Listen 1st, talk 2nd
  • Learn to dance a jig
  • Start right now
  • Continue a conversation OFFline
  • Take all your vacation days
  • Dance to your own rhythm
  • Be a HERO (minus the dorky cape)
  • Become a bee keeper
  • Smile first, ask questions later
  • Follow your heart
  • Laugh so hard you cry
  • Eat when you are hungry and Nap when you are tired
  • Make time for silly
  • Love what you brew, brew what you love (Jim’s note – this is more than about coffee — think about it)
  • Enter a pie eating contest
  • Do it for love, not profit
  • Grow older without ever growing up
  • Adopt an animal

And it didn’t stop with the cup.  Even the napkin carries some life wisdom:
Stay awake for:
…maxing out your passport
…ghost stories around the campfire
…playing an instrument
…break dancing
…Luscious, oh-so-delicious chocolate
And finally, a reminder that:
Life’s too short for:
…Fake anything
…putting profits before people
…over-roasted coffee
…crabby people
…WiFi you have to pay for (I was typing this on an airport wifi signal I had to pay for, grrrr)
…waiting for change to happen
All this life wisdom for just $1.19.  And they even threw in some hot coffee!
Enjoy your day.  I will.

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