Five Tips to Manage Stress in Job Search

A shorter version of a post from earlier this week – 156 words of advise for managing job search stress:
1.     Practice gratitude. Every day, write down three good things that happen around you.  Focus on what you DO have to feel blessed even when stressed.
2.    Tally your Friendships.  List all your important relationships: family, friends, even casual acquaintances that touch your life.  Priceless!
3.    Take your own oxygen first. Move your body, eat well, and do things that feed joy to your soul.  When your tank is on full you have more capacity for your search.
4.    Eliminate frictions. Change or stop something that drains you.  Let go of old stories, relationships, or habits that no longer serve the New You.
5.    Choose your attitude. Stand tall, shoulders back, breathe into your deep belly, and wear a smile.  “Fake it till you feel it” is a powerful strategy to access more confidence and happiness.
Instructions: Repeat daily to strengthen your positive emotional “muscles!”

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  1. Practice gratitude is the great idea not matter you are searching job or doing job!
    Thanks for your sharing, great~

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