Are you prepared for the future that is coming?

20 years ago the focus was on “being effective;” taking effective action to achieve our goals, make money, have a big house, etc.  And so we pursued our goals at any cost, to be effective.  We exploited the planet, the systems, maximized profit in short term, etc.  Other people were resources to be exploited.
Today the focus must be on effective living. Corporations are starting to speak more often of the triple bottom line: Profit, Planet, and People — making money while ALSO caring for the environment and the people in the organization.
Leaders, you must pay attention, hold meaningful conversations, then act in appropriate ways:

  • Awareness —  of what is going on in the world
  • Assessment— what are the implications (for people, profit, and planet)?
  • Alternatives– what is possible?  what the hell are you going to do about it?
  • Action — comes out of awareness and the conversation.

To be ready for the future, you must PAY ATTENTION, and talk about the reality of what’s happening.  Have the tough conversations.  Shift your point of view.  Listen.  Then act.

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