Think beyond what you believe

185 voices from 58 countries, individually recorded then mixed into a single choir. While some lament how the internet separates, this video shows us how we can be part of something far greater when the internet serves as a means to connect.
I recently discovered Eric Whitacre, a classical composer/conductor, through his TED talk on the creation of a Virtual Choir.  (also worth the time to view!). This was his vision.

This made me smile, and I share it with you in that spirit. I challenge you to think beyond what you believe.

4 thoughts on “Think beyond what you believe”

  1. A wonderful lesson in creative collaboration and the connective power of new media. I especially enjoyed “Sleep”,
    the virtual choir of 2,000 voices. The lyrics are equally beautiful (included below) Enjoy!
    The evening hangs beneath the moon
    A silver thread on darkened dune
    With closing eyes and resting head
    I know that sleep is coming soon
    Upon my pillow, safe in bed
    A thousand pictures fill my head
    I cannot sleep my minds a flight
    And yet my limbs seem made of lead
    If there are noises in the night
    A frighting shadow, flickering light
    Then I surrender unto sleep
    Where clouds of dreams give second sight
    What dreams may come both dark and deep
    Of flying wings and soaring leap
    As I surrender unto sleep
    As I surrender unto sleep


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