Leadership as Art: Envision the Future

Often we speak of improving some aspect of the workplace, but because the world is moving so fast we believe we must do EVERYTHING while in full sprint mode.  While “making it up as you go” is a legitimate strategy sometimes, is it the best approach to building your future?
Stop.  Take a breath. Put some words on paper to anchor your plan.  Get in front of a blank whiteboard and Draw the new flow.  First, envision the future!
Next, do it in miniature to understand how it will work. Let others see the work so they can start to buy in to your vision.  Implement just parts of the idea to set a framework; or roll out the whole idea in just one part of the organization.  Adjust your vision based on what you learn in executing the “miniature.”
THEN pick up your brush and paints and go to work on the big canvas…
Remember, Leadership is not about a title: Anyone can be a leader who is willing to step back from the daily rush, take a breath, and create the space to “play” with a goal until it feels very clear and familiar.
P.S. If you currently lead a company or division and seek a way to create real change, real fast, you may be interested in our unique Rapid Culture Assimilation™ process, which starts with vision clarity and brings it to life via a series of expanding Conversations across the organization.  You can learn more about the process here.

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