Accept Imperfection to Grow as a Leader

How do you practice acceptance as a leader?
Start by accepting that the people on your team are who they are, and you will never fulfill your fantasy of a self-organizing, problem-free, zero-defect world filled with people who have mastered every technical, professional, and interpersonal competency.  (P.S. if they did, why would they need you?)
You practice Acceptance when you:

  • Seek ideas from one of the creatives on your team without mentioning their messy desk
  • Sign off on that marketing copy even when you think your own ideas might be better
  • Patiently explain, again, a new process to a coworker
  • Take that important call in a conference room rather than whine about the noise while everyone else is cooing over pictures of Helen’s new grandson
  • Set aside a project to help someone else, even when they’ve never helped with your work
  • Offer praise for a job well done, despite the fact that it was late

Remember, Leadership is not about a title: Anyone can be a leader who accepts that imperfection is part of the human condition, and who strives to engage and appreciate people for what they ARE versus resenting what they are not.

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