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In the wake of my July newsletter, I had a short flurry of emails from people asking, “did I miss your summer reading list, Jim?”
Uhm… no.
Truth is, I stopped doing a list this year.  There are just SOOOOO many others offering reading lists, good stuff, and it’s a lot of work to compile something that is no longer unique.
I put substantial work in the prior 12 years of lists, and there’s still much there in the way of great reading.  I’ve referred a couple other people to my past three years worth of lists, which are still archived on my website.  LOTS of great stuff there to explore if you’ve not yet read it all.
Here’s where I am right now, if you want to know:  I’ve been back on a young adult fiction kick, along with more happiness and psych titles.
My top pick for this year would have been Ship Breaker, by Paolo Bacigalupi.  It’s a multi-award winning YA novel.  What brought it to my attention was that the local high school where I still do retreats (even tho’ all my kids graduated years ago) made it an All School reading — across all four grades — last year, and it seemed to generate great discussion in multiple areas — social studies, psych, science, etc.  I enjoyed both the story and the moral issues it raised.
My fave biz book of the past year was The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  It was not new to me, but when I read it it was like I was in the choir while he preached… reminding us that when it comes to change, it’s all about practice, practice, practice!
Enjoy your summer reading!

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