7 Great Questions to Use Everyday

Inquiry and curiosity are powerful tools for personal and professional growth.

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, leader, or follower, questions serve as a tool to help you advance yourself and those around you.

Here are seven powerful questions that can serve you every day.

They never expire and always have an answer in the Now.  
1. Why? Seek the root cause of problems.
2. What did I learn? Good or bad, there is always a lesson if you look for one.
3. How can I help you? Focus on raising up others & you’ll be seen as a leader.
4. What if? Free your creativity, invite new possibilities.
5. How can this be improved? Take your results to a new level.
6. For what am I grateful today? Thankfulness is foundational for long-term happiness.
7. What is the best use of my time now? Refocus on what’s most important.

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