Sometimes an Obstacle is a Gift

Cheryl and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary this month, and for many years we’ve promised ourselves a Big Trip to celebrate. We were into our second month of planning when a family event got scheduled on top of our travel dates. We were at first irritated that it cut into our vacation time.
We decided to embrace the shorter time and looked for venues closer to home with short travel time and less hassle. Enter My Disney Experience. Yes, we are going to Disney World, sans children. Our plans are shorter and simpler, and we are so excited!

My Disney Experience Logo

We have the entire vacation tracked in an iPhone app!

This is all about making lemonade from lemons. We won’t have a beach, but we’ll have a break from the daily grind nonetheless. We will be well fed and pampered (did you know Disney has great spas?). Best of all, the change put us under budget, so we may even sneak in a long weekend later this year.
How do you respond to breakdowns and obstacles? Notice that flexibility allows you to say “Yes, And…” to whatever steps into your path. Chances are that whatever eventually happens will be just as much – if not more – fun than your original plans!

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