Do You Insist "We Don't Do Emotion?" Really?

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Happy, engaged employees are good for an organization. Research from every conceivable angle consistently shows they are more creative, make better decisions, produce more at higher levels of quality and service, and bring more heart to their jobs.
As a bonus, happiness is contagious; it spreads like a virus that leads to deeper engagement and more positive workspace.
If you are – or work for – a boss who insists “we don’t do emotion,” here are some questions to provoke conversation that can lead to higher levels of engagement by improving the positive tone of your workplace.

  • Can we identify the happy, engaged people that work here? (and how do their outcomes compare?)
  • Do people enjoy their relationships and their environment at work?
  • Do they laugh?
  • Are people in roles that match their strength/skill sets and offer appropriate challenges?
  • Do they understand the purpose of our organization?
  • Do people here feel they’re a part of something that matters?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you don’t have look far to improve the situation. Simply use the questions above to consider how you can adjust the environment to bring more happiness in.

Create Connections. Lead Well. Be Happy.

Remember, Leadership is not about a title: Anyone can be a leader who understands the link between individual happiness and organizational outcomes, and who invests time and energy to help people feel connected and doing what they do best.
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