How Do You Deal with Problem Employees?

In this podcast from station WJCU in Cleveland (John Carroll University is my alma mater!), host DB Hegler leads a conversation on dealing with “problem employees.”  The first part of the podcast is an interview with a Cleveland-based employment attorney who focuses on the legal dimensions of addressing or even preventing workplace issues.
In the final 10 minutes, starting at 19:30 in the podcast, DB switches to the more qualitative aspects of co-worker issues in her interview with me.  I’m pretty “coach-ey” in this interview.  For instance, when she asks me how to deal with a difficult co-worker, I turn it around to examining the person who is doing the most whining and ask, “are they creating their own drama?”
Go here to access the podcast.  Drag the diamond to 19:30 to skip the lawyer part, if you like~!
DB runs a very tight interview, so it’s a fast 10 minutes.  Enjoy the different perspective!

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