A Few Resources I’ve Been Paying Attention To

SGN, or #SomeGoodNews. Comedian John Krasinski (with occasional appearances by his wife, actress Emily Blunt), has created a wonderfully POSITIVE news network to counter all the negativity in the world. Five episodes now available (as of 30 April). An antidote to traditional panic-hype-driven news.

Awesome Things. Writer Neil Pasricha, author of You Are Awesome, and 1000 Awesome Things, has started a new list of 1000 Awesome Things for pandemic times. He’s a few weeks in. View here, plus at the bottom of the page you can sign up to get his daily note (15 second read) to make you smile.

How to Cut Meeting Time in Half. Plus for those stuck in endless Zoom rooms, here’s a riff from Neil on Parkinson’s Law and meetings that might be fun to share with your boss – or use for yourself! And even though we’re beginning to emerge into a Post-COVID world, video meetings are not going away!

Enjoy the re-emergence.