A Few Resources For You – MAY 2020

Many thanks essential workers

Five Prescriptions for Happiness: Short notice, but if you’re up for a lunchtime (well, Cleveland lunch time) Happiness shot-in-the arm, I’m speaking in the Cleveland Society for HR Management series next Tuesday 26 May at 12 US ET, sharing some practical tips for nurturing resilience in Turbulent Times. Register here

Happiness Practices: If you can’t make that program, here’s a three-minute read from a prior edition of this newsletter to remind you of some key practices: https://theexecutivehappinesscoach.com/files/2018/09/5prescriptions.pdf

Growth Mindset is key for weathering disruption: For leaders, a quick read from The NeuroLeadership Institute on how and why to leverage a Growth Mindset in any time of disruption, including this one! Get their report here: https://hub.neuroleadership.com/growth-mindset-impact-report

Leaders Need Sleep, Too! From Harvard Business School: 600 CEOs told Boris Groysberg what coronavirus worries keep them up at night. Now, he says, comes the hard part: preparing body and mind to meet the challenges. https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/what-leaders-can-do-to-fight-the-covid-fog

A Closing Gratitude

A friend wanted to express thanks for those in the “essential workers” category – the people who, while most of us have sheltered in place, have continued to get up, mask up, and put up with constantly shifting workplace requirements, grumpy customers, and the risk of virus exposure. He liked the above graphic because it includes grocery store workers, which includes his daughter.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to keep things going!