Special Request from Jim – What did you learn in 2020?

what did you learn over the past year - drawing of Roman God, Janus, representing duality of beginning and endings

What did you learn this year? 

In a normal year it is a common practice to look back to reflect on accomplishments before looking forward to plan for the next. Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings, represents this duality.

As this Dumpster Fire of a year blessedly draws to an end, I’m looking forward to 2021 and a return to… well, whatever emerges from the flames of 2020. Yet I’m also aware that I have stretched and grown in the past year as I have engaged with all that happened.

Whether you embrace change or actively resist it, 2020 created more opportunities than ever to dance with uncomfortable new challenges. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who responded to quarantine lockdowns and societal distress by learning something new.

I’m curious what you learned. Are you curious, too?

I’d like to ask you, the members of my tribe, what have you learned in 2020? About yourself? About life? About leadership? About Happiness? About the world?

Before you race to what’s next, I invite you to pause and notice what you’re taking from 2020 that you did not have when it started.

REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Write as much as you wish or just one sentence. Over the next week or so I’ll collect all the responses, read through them, and create a new post for the end of the year.

Thanks, and see you again soon!

In happiness,

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