While the world continues to march forward, I invite you to take a moment for quiet at the end of this year.  Make the time you spend with family really count, even if it’s thru a plexiglass panel or a video camera lens.  Have conversation.  Listen.  Hug often, laugh a lot, and look for the … Read more

Special Request from Jim – What did you learn in 2020?

What did you learn this year?  In a normal year it is a common practice to look back to reflect on accomplishments before looking forward to plan for the next. Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings and endings, represents this duality. As this Dumpster Fire of a year blessedly draws to an end, I’m … Read more

COVID Brain Part 2

COVID Brain Part 2: Coaching Conversations I have a client who has struggled w/ depression in the past and is struggling with isolation now. In a recent coaching session (in which he wanted to “work through some of the negative shit”), I asked him this question: What are you learning about yourself as a result … Read more

COVID Brain Part 1

Part 1: From The Pandemic Lockdown, Day 159 How long have you been in lockdown, or working from home, or having to balance kids and job and worry about the return to school, or feeling separated from loved ones? Too long, right? I thought I was doing OK. Then two weeks ago (day 143, but … Read more

How To Be Present. Now. Here.

What Does It Mean To Be Present? Remember, Leadership is not about a title; anyone can be a Leader who creates a positive experience for others. I typically end my essays with a tip like above, but today let’s start with a reminder that leaders are people who make a difference for others, usually through … Read more

I. Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? Does It Matter?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? When I was a kid, this question always pulled me into a philosophical mindset, and I can remember many conversations and/or debates working it from both a logical and emotional point of view. What I most remember about those sessions is that we’d often end in either … Read more

How Can You Improve Workplace Culture?

Photo Credit: Startup Stock Photos Culture is defined in many ways: it’s the stories we tell about ourselves, it’s the way we treat each other and customers, and it’s often described as “the way we do things around here.” One of the core differences between bad/mediocre cultures and really good ones is the attention that … Read more

Act Happy Week, Day 5: Say Thank You

Today is the final day of Act Happy week: a week-long series on using your body to invoke Happiness. Today: Say Thank You — expressing Gratitude changes your body chemistry AND changes the environment around you (a 60-second lesson — read more at the blog)

Act Happy Week, Day 4: Fake It to Feel It

Today is the fourth day of Act Happy week: in a week-long series on using your body to invoke Happiness. Today: Fake It Till You Make It — change your body to change your emotional space (a 60-second lesson — read more at the blog)