Act happy week, day 2 - feed your soul: a drawing of a mug with a heart that reads, cup of self love


How do you feed your soul?  Do you grab pre-packaged Pleasure from the freezer, microwave it, and eat on the run; or do you cook up your Joy from scratch using organic, locally sourced ingredients? Perhaps you have a saucepan of Gratitude constantly simmering on a back burner? Or do you wait for others to invite you over for Connection and a bit of Calm?

If you follow this recipe, in whole or part, you will notice your personal stress levels decrease even as you take on more responsibility.  Because in the end, it’s not really about the workload — it’s about the Story you tell yourself that “creates” your stress.

In 2013 I created this recipe for Happiness, gleaned from years of study and practice in the Positive Emotional space. During the pandemic I made it often, but since there was a shortage of Balance, I sometimes had to substitute freshly-harvested Meditation – mine adds a licorice flavor, but I think it depends on whether you pick it in the morning or evening.

I invite you to try this as written, or to experiment with what is stocked in your own Emotional Cupboard. The recipe for Happiness is neither simple nor easy, but who promised you that it would be?

To add the two-page Recipe to your cookbook or fridge, CLICK HERE.

Remember, Happiness tastes better when shared with a friend, so pass it around!


II. An Offer: Laser Coaching

Have you ever wanted to sample coaching? Or have you worked with a coach previously and yearn to reconnect with the process but without making a huge commitment of time and money? For the third year, I’m offering my Unlimited Coaching package.

Unlimited Coaching is this:

  • You complete a self-assessment and goal-setting package.
  • We meet for a one-hour intake session in which we get crystal clear on your coaching goal(s).
  • You schedule regular (voice/video only) sessions with your coach.**
  • You have unlimited access to me as your coach for 11 months (email, text, WhatsApp).
  • **All meetings are just 15-minute long, Laser sessions (private calendar link).

Get in. Get out. Get outcomes.

Might you be a candidate? Yes, if you:

  • Seek to hyper-focus on one important goal and go really deep & really fast for the rest of the year.
  • Want to build solid “muscle strength” in a new skill, awareness, or behavior, constantly building on drills & practice to embed it in your way of being.
  • Seek a relentless accountability framework for a project or a shift. 

Fee for the program: $2,500 USD. I have openings in April. Payment plans available.

From prior Laser Coaching clients:

“Powerful cut-to-the-chase conversations are rare–except when you’re being coached by Jim Smith! For me those 15-minute discussions became my weekly mindset “check-ins,” nudging me down the road of greater success (and happiness) far faster than I would have traveled alone. It was the best investment I’ve ever made in my business and in myself.” ~~Andrea Dale, Executive + Marketing Coach

I accomplished more in 10 months of laser sessions with Jim than in any prior coaching engagement. He dives deep and fast when I need it, yet he knows how to help me slow down and celebrate my wins. No regrets!” ~~R. Patel, IT Leader

“I came to this coaching experience wanting accountability around maintaining life balance.  I accomplished that AND received coaching support with moving some key projects forward. The weekly sessions served as great progress check-ins for me and when I found myself stuck, Jim always seemed to have the right question or exercise to help me transition into forward movement again.” ~~A. Sharb, Entrepreneur & Activist

If you’d like to explore this dance, raise your hand!