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A Happiness Reading List for Beach or Business

It’s the first full day of summer… and aren’t you excited about the long, warm summer evenings ahead, where the evenings are long and breezy and you can sit on your porch with some cool lemonade and a good book? (or in my case, iced coffee or dark beer, and my iPad!)
To help you focus on some great reads, I’m sharing my 12th annual compilation. Click on the link above to go to the blog and learn more.

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Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

Back to Basics – What is Happiness? For my 150th newsletter I decided to revisit a basic: what is it?  When I deliver a keynote talk on Happiness I start by asking, “How do YOU define happiness?” Once audience members share their ideas, I offer two definitions I favor: One is from the dictionary:  Happiness, hap-ee-nis, n. the quality or …

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I sense so much tension in the world, today.  I know that there have been times in human history when conflict was uglier and more violent, and that, statistically speaking, the world has never been safer; and yet… The ugliness that exists today feels so pervasively personal. Internet trolls have affected our ability to have civil discourse, even about important …

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Stop Stress Before It Stops You

I live in the United States, and everyone I speak with recently seems incredibly stressed. Mixing a contentious political environment with a high degree of uncertainty about our workplaces and economic and social environments has pushed many people to the far edge of anxiety. And this is a global issue. A little stress keeps you laser-focused and productive, but higher …

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You can’t change people but you can always eat Chocolate!

Every coaching client is unique, yet occasionally I fall into situational vortex in which (it seems) everyone I’m coaching shows up with the same issue.  In the past few weeks that challenge has been Other People:  “My director this, my coworker that, my boss is, my partner should, I wish she would, I’m frustrated he won’t….” and so on.  The …

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In January many people create new goals for their work and life, most of which focus on achieving a metric, e.g. starting or stopping, completing or letting go, or making progress in a specific direction. They are about DOING (Or NOT Doing) Something. There is a place for DOING goals. Life is filled with projects that need to be done …

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WHO will you be next year?

Leadership is Personal I had a stimulating conversation with an amazing person the other day.  She is the president of a company striving to build a better world, and many of her observations and questions revolved the topics of social impact, making a difference, and the power of Leadership. We really connected around a descriptor she used for her company: we don’t …

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Give Thanks, Get Results

Dear tribe members: If you celebrate the Great American Holiday of Thanksgiving, you will soon gather round a meal and give thanks for your blessings. Enjoy that moment. Know also that I appreciate you; Thanks for being part of this conversation. AND that’s not what this quick note is about. This is about the workplace, and what you need to …

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Jim’s coaching clients say …

Jim is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and positive coach. He is a master at leading someone through his/her own muck using his/her own compass. He doesn’t say where to go or necessarily how, rather, he checks in on where his student is, confirms where the student wants to go, and then provides all the support necessary for the student to find his/her way through.I am now the head of [Business Advisory Council] and am leading a team of seasoned professionals. The team is smarter than me a…
Greg W., Global Sales Leader, Ohio, USA

Jim’s keynote/speaking clients say …

I’ve never called you that you weren’t able to help in some way. You have a creative approach, a capacity for training in different ways, and for always knowing the latest things. I admire that you’re able to read a situation quickly, and add so much value for participants. You are up there with the best I’ve ever worked with.
Dan Toussant, HR Practice Leader, Rea & Associates

Jim’s mentor coaching clients say …

I have been experiencing super empowering sessions with you (hurray!). I wish my teachers were as great and positive as you are, in giving constructive/appreciative feedback the way you just did it.”
Ilana Acchoti, United Kingdom

Jim’s clients on happiness …

I love you! You are awesome because you practice and believe what you teach! You’re someone I admire very much – it’s because of you that I am where I am today!
John C., HR Director for a services firm

Jim’s clients say …

There is no question in my mind that your efforts have made a substantial difference on the progress of the organization in achieving its business objectives.
Gary Kusumi, CEO, GMACI Insurance Group