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Happiness is just being alive and well

Wednesday I delivered two programs for employees at the Veterans Administration.  This was the eve of the seventh anniversary of 9/11, and signs up and down the hallways at the center reminded people of a memorial service to be held the next morning. During lunch and after the program I got to mingle with a number of disabled veterans who …

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Happiness is cool nites and dinner on the deck!

As my wife and I were preparing dinner last evening she looked at me and asked, “when was the last time we ate dinner at the kitchen table?” Hmm.  Great question.  We traveled back on our calendar and realized that we started eating dinner on our deck when we returned from our vacation, which was 56 days ago.  Wow!  AND …

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Don't Watch TV! (well, maybe a little…)

Sometimes the statistics on advertising make me sad. The other day I read an article that reminded me that the average kid, by the time they enter school, will have already viewed 30,000 commercials. A typical working adult who listens to the radio as they commute by car on a freeway and who watches a hour of television daily can …

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Happiness is in the air

It was a spectacular Labor Day weekend here in Cleveland.  The temperatures were moderate, the sky was clear and blue, and the sun shone on us for three straight days.  Thus, everywhere I drove it was with the windows down and the music upbeat.  What a wonderful long weekend to say goodbye to the summer of 2008! I had to …

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Happiness is a hot shower

Yesterday I went to the gym feeling particularly well-rested.  So while I was on the treadmill, I threw in some sprints — one-minute bursts at 8 or 9 miles per hour.  Oooh, that felt great.  Then I went to the weight bench, and instead of working with 10 and 20 pound dumbells, my usual range, I went with 15 and …

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Happiness and The Joker

Well, it’s official — THE blockbuster movie of Summer 2008 is The Dark Knight, the new Batman installment starring Heath Ledger as the nihilistic bad guy, the Joker. I finally went to see it on Friday evening. I don’t evaluate movies based on their Academy Award potential. My standards are: did I have a good time?, and will I recommend …

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You can manage your stress

While researching stress management I came across a lovely little online, self-study course on stress. The class consists of ~20 short lessons linked sequentially. Some of the topics are: What is stress?, good and bad stress, tools for relieving stress, and long-term stress strategies. You’ll find the course at It appears to have been written by a West Virginia-based …

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Sometimes you just have to make the decision to be happy

In my year-long quest to see all of the movies nominated for Oscars from last year, I finally picked up Away From Her, with Julie Christie in an absolutely brilliant performance as a woman literally melting away from her life as the linkages in her brain come apart — while her husband, Grant, struggles with the fact that the woman …

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Who am I to be happy?

Truly, have you ever asked yourself that question?
This modest blog will seek to provide answers to that question, several times each week. I’m a Professional Certified Coach with a grounding in positive psychology, emotional competency, and working with the body. I believe that what happens for us in our life comes from a combination of what we think, how we manage our emotions, and how we hold ourselves in the world.
Have you ever heard the concept: “my thoughts create my feelings, and my feelings create me behavior, and my behavior determines by outcomes?” Well, I hold it to be true. Something happens, and I interpret that event (maybe tell myself a story about it). The event is just neutral… but my story puts all sorts of meaning to what happened (ooh, he was out to embarrass me. She did that on purpose. I knew it, they’re all out to get me. I doesn’t matter what I do, I’m always screwing up.)
My “story” gets me all emotional, and from that emotional space, i take action. Not always the best action, but hey, emotions aren’t rational!
What I do is teach people practices that can help them INTENTIONALLY shift their response to stories and emotions, so that they get the results they WANT instead of the results that don’t work for them.
Stay tuned. This is just my introduction!
In happiness, Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach®

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Jim’s coaching clients say …

The things I like best about coaching with Jim? I felt comfortable trusting you. You bring wisdom to the relationship, and you do a good job of making me think. You listen to the whole conversation and pull out the parts that are core. You twist it around and help me look at it differently.
L.N., National Account Manager for a Worldwide Services Firm

Jim’s keynote/speaking clients say …

I really enjoyed this program; it was interesting and fun, which made it a joy. Most classes you tend to watch the clock, this one you didn’t think to even look at the clock. ~~~ It was awesome. ~~~ Jim Smith – high-energy individual – good contents in the class. ~~~ The facilitator, Jim Smith, kept everyone on their toes beginning with the first activity ‘Change 5 Things.’ This continued throughout the day. ~~~ Jim Smith was excellent. ~~~ The session was focused and the activities ap… Read more
Leadership retreat participants

Jim’s mentor coaching clients say …

I have been experiencing super empowering sessions with you (hurray!). I wish my teachers were as great and positive as you are, in giving constructive/appreciative feedback the way you just did it.”
Ilana Acchoti, United Kingdom

Jim’s clients on happiness …

Working with The Executive Happiness Coach, Jim Smith, I have learned the power of happiness programs to help transform organizations and the people who work within them. Jim’s mastery of the subject and his expert facilitation create lasting changes in companies. Happy people work harder, get more done, miss fewer days and report that yes, they are happier at work! Rather than being a touchy-feely experiment, organizational happiness can be a profit center.
Rob Berkley, MCC, Executive Coach

Jim’s clients say …

I want you to know you left a positive impact at the conference. Because of you, I feel energized to help pull our group from their rut and focus on the good in us and our folks. I want to try my weekly version of a shared gratitude e-journal for at least a quarter to see what impact it has. I am hoping the leaders begin similar things with their direct reports and that it can trickle down into the organization. That would make me smile so big!
Dedra Parsons, Human Resource Specialist