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In January many people create new goals for their work and life, most of which focus on achieving a metric, e.g. starting or stopping, completing or letting go, or making progress in a specific direction. They are about DOING (Or NOT Doing) Something. There is a place for DOING goals. Life is filled with projects that need to be done …

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WHO will you be next year?

Leadership is Personal I had a stimulating conversation with an amazing person the other day.  She is the president of a company striving to build a better world, and many of her observations and questions revolved the topics of social impact, making a difference, and the power of Leadership. We really connected around a descriptor she used for her company: we don’t …

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Give Thanks, Get Results

Dear tribe members: If you celebrate the Great American Holiday of Thanksgiving, you will soon gather round a meal and give thanks for your blessings. Enjoy that moment. Know also that I appreciate you; Thanks for being part of this conversation. AND that’s not what this quick note is about. This is about the workplace, and what you need to …

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How to Lead – Back to Basics

{Note: I write my own material, sharing other people’s great stuff in my social media streams. But while writing this month’s edition, a blog landed in my inbox that is so provocatively written and so resonates with my core message that I cannot just tweet a link – I feel compelled to share the entire piece with you, my tribe. …

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In the past eight weeks I’ve spoken at conferences in six states, slept in ten different beds, flown four different airlines, negotiated three different time zones, and lived in two different homes. Yes, it happened. We finally moved into our new home…   …and a new, multi-generational living arrangement.       For over a year I’ve managed to fit …

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In the Workplace: You’re Never Done– So What?

A typical salaried professional has between 80-100 hours of backlog on their desk at any time. There will ALWAYS be something to do, and you may NEVER feel “done.” If you take that too personally you can feel stressed 100% of the time. It’s all about the story you tell yourself. In the workplace, it’s almost always about priorities. In …

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How To Help People Who Resist Change With Rapid Culture Assimilation

“The times, they are a changin’”- especially in the workplace. Company cultures are becoming more relaxed and some companies are ditching offices all together. Deciding to change things up is a big decision and helping employees comfortable to the idea can be challenging. We compare it to getting in a pool. Going down the stairs, into the shallow end elongates …

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10 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Escape Victim Thinking

There are moments when Life Sucks, when failure is the only option, or when it’s easier to blame your problems on everyone else… because it’s just too damn exhausting to take personal responsibility. I get, I’ve been there. Just last week, in fact. BUT if you find yourself living in those spaces a lot, it’s time to look in the …

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8 Secret Life Hacks That Three-Year-Olds Do Better Than You!

Hack (hak) noun Informal. a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing something: hacks for holiday entertaining, life hacks I am helping raise three of my grandchildren (who live next door). When raising my own four kids, I was caught up in all the stresses of life as a thirty-something overachiever/parent. As a grandparent, I have more time …

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Jim’s coaching clients say …

Jim is a coach in every sense of the word. He’s in my corner cheering me (and all of his clients) on as we work with him to learn and grow. He actively listens to every word said and picks up on views and beliefs I did not realize I had communicated. Jim offers practical, ready-to-immediately-put-into-practice advice for personal and professional growth. With the patience of a saint, he ceaselessly encourages his clients or ‘coachees’ to stretch and grow at a pace that is challenging and …
Lisa B., Office/HR Manager for a large Financial Planning firm

Jim’s keynote/speaking clients say …

I’ve never called you that you weren’t able to help in some way. You have a creative approach, a capacity for training in different ways, and for always knowing the latest things. I admire that you’re able to read a situation quickly, and add so much value for participants. You are up there with the best I’ve ever worked with.
Dan Toussant, HR Practice Leader, Rea & Associates

Jim’s mentor coaching clients say …

You make others better for who you are. And you do so by example and ontology.
Bill Carrier, Carrier Coaching, Virginia, USA

Jim’s clients on happiness …

The thing I like best about coaching with Jim is his ability to transfer an optimism, to create ‘mental space’ in the course of our sessions. I could pretty much count on leaving a call with a very positive, forward looking attitude regardless of my mood going in which basically transformed my entire day!
Chris Knight, CFO

Jim’s clients say …

Jim’s strengths as a coach are his natural curiosity, willingness to challenge my thinking, and his passion for making a positive difference.
Luanne Paynick, Executive Trainer/Coach, Ohio, USA