WHO will you be next year?

Leadership is Personal I had a stimulating conversation with an amazing person the other day.  She is the president of a company striving to build a better world, and many of her observations and questions revolved the topics of social impact, making a difference, and the power of Leadership. We really connected around a descriptor she used … Read more

I Don't Want to be a Superstar; I just want to be ME!

I wish inspirational commercials like this were actually run on television, where they could reach more people and offer positive messages in the media. It’s a minute and a half, and the most powerful message comes right at the end: I don’t want to be a superstar; I want to be better than that. I … Read more

Choice by Tiny Choice, You Can Change Your Life!

I turned 54 last week. This was a special birthday to me, because there was a time when I did not expect to live this long. When I was 28 I had heart problems that landed me in the Cardiac ICU at the Cleveland Clinic. While they tried to get my heart rate under control, … Read more

Happiness is Colored Socks

Today, I celebrate colored socks. Two months ago I offered my newsletter readers 13 ideas for changing the world, starting with themselves.  One of those ideas (and the one most often commented on) was, “Wear Colored Socks (or something that adds a splash of color, flamboyant, or “wild” to your wardrobe).  The concept is that … Read more

Happiness Changing Lives

I received a Christmas card from someone whose name I did not recognize.  Inside was one of the most poignant messages I’ve ever received from a workshop participant: “Jim, I attended your Happiness Seminar at the Cleveland VA Medical Center in October.  It could not have come at a better time for me.  I had, … Read more