Strategies for Personal Change

Done is Better than Perfect

It’s no secret that this year has been…challenging. Just a year ago the first COVID vaccines were rolling out to front-line caregivers and those most at risk, and I shared in the general optimism that in 2021 we’d get past this Pandemic thing.  Thus, my plan for 2021 included all the ideas that had been abandoned in the wreckage of …

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Who Are You Being As a Leader?

The story you tell yourself about WHO you are has a huge impact on your leadership style. For example, if you declare yourself to be Efficient, your personal filters may zero in on deadlines and use of resources. Decisive may show up as moving fast and being in control. The more your work outcomes depend on other people, the more …

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Stop. Start. More. Happy.

Let’s see a show of hands: how many of you are working on personal change goals? Yep, I thought so. How balanced is your thinking process? On the journey from “where you are today” to “where you want to be,” it is just as important to identify what you want to KEEP as what you want to CHANGE. One of …

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