Who Are You Being As a Leader?

The story you tell yourself about WHO you are has a huge impact on your leadership style. For example, if you declare yourself to be Efficient, your personal filters may zero in on deadlines and use of resources. Decisive may show up as moving fast and being in control.
The more your work outcomes depend on other people, the more important it is that you nurture your ability to influence and build relationships. In that realm your Presence speaks more powerfully than your Expertise.
It will serve you well to write goals that honor others and expand your capacity as a human being to Lead from a place of strength and abundance.  
Notice how simple tweaks to the language of your goals can change your emotional space and your behavior. Try these on or use to model one of your own using positive voice, present tense language.  Some examples:

Practicing Leadership Skills

  • I ask others for others’ opinions before I make decisions that affect them.
  • I am courteous to my coworkers.
  • I clean up after myself.
  • I give others the space to feel heard.
  • I watch my body language in meetings; I face the person who is speaking.
  • When I hear rumors I strive to verify the facts before I pass anything forward.
  • I share at least three compliments or gratitudes in the workplace every day.
  • When I offer feedback I clearly separate my appreciation for them as a person from whatever I think of their performance.
  • When coaching, I focus on the needs of the person in front of me and say what needs to be said for their development versus my personal comfort in saying it.
  • I strive to fix problems not assign blame.

BEING a Leader

  • I am a caring, connected leader.
  • I am confident in my ability to do my job and figure my way out of any challenges I encounter.
  • I look for the good in others.
  • I live my life from a place of gratitude.
  • I am a kind person.
  • I honor the creative wisdom in others.

Remember, Leadership is not about a title; anyone can be a leader who works on BEING a better person before asking the same of others.

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