7 Ways to Turn Your Organization Upside Down

One of the major obstacles to change and growth in an organization is something we call “Organizational Inertia.” In physics, inertia is: the tendency of matter to remain at rest if at rest, or, if moving, to keep moving in the same direction, unless affected by some outside force.” In common language this means that … Read more

How do you react when your world view is challenged?

How do you react when someone “pushes your buttons?” Please read the “instructions” before you read the main article. At the end, consider your reaction. There is no good or bad, here… just know that your ability to objectively notice and manage your reaction to a new point of view is critically important to success in an ever-changing and fast-moving world.

Change Starts With YOU

New habits can be tough to change in the workplace. People like predictability. When you show up differently – even if the change is for the better – it is still different, and you may feel pressure from others to go back to how you were “before.” Still, change starts with you. Choose a specific … Read more

Lead With Questions

One of the oldest and most enduring leadership models in business today is Situational Leadership (SL), developed by Blanchard and Hersey several decades ago.  The SL model works with the stages of learning through which we all progress when we take on a new task.  The four stages (these are in my own words) are: … Read more

Tell Your Team that You Love Them!

THE GIFT OF GREAT EMPLOYEES Recently, one of my clients was stunned by the resignation of a star employee — a woman he’d been developing for an executive role, possibly even as his successor.  He told me he was meeting with her in a few hours to discuss what he might do to keep her.  … Read more

If you're not uncomfortable, you're not leading

People don’t like to be uncomfortable. I cannot recall the last time I had a conversation a leader where the subject of “difficult conversations” about performance did not come up as one of their most feared situations.  Second to that is concern about telling people that “change is coming.”  Meanwhile, we face the reality that … Read more