The Paradox of Leadership

Jérôme via Compfight As you move up in an organization, it is like you are climbing a mountain – the higher you go, the better the view and the larger the domain you command. AND… the more exposed you become, thus making a better target for snipers. That is the paradox of leadership. The higher … Read more

Stress Costs You Money!

The hottest trending topic in the fields of HR and Leadership is Wellness. Creating healthier, more positive workplace cultures may very well be THE biggest opportunity leaders have ever had to impact the bottom line through people. I received received a new study from the Gallup Organization with some scary new data on the cost … Read more

Why didn't we listen to Henry Ford?

In the early days of the modern age, we had a leader who believed in the power of the human spirit. When he created the assembly line, we embraced that as a tool that ultimately extinguished the human spirit in the workplace. Why didn’t we listen to what else he had to say? (read more)

I Don't Want to be a Superstar; I just want to be ME!

I wish inspirational commercials like this were actually run on television, where they could reach more people and offer positive messages in the media. It’s a minute and a half, and the most powerful message comes right at the end: I don’t want to be a superstar; I want to be better than that. I … Read more

Don't Use these Four Dirty Words at Work!

Here are four words that you should not tolerate in the workplace: FAKE – this is toxic for a leader.  If you do not show up in an Authentic way, people will sense it.  Be genuine. FEAR – when we are uncomfortable, we tend to withdraw.  Leaders must step into the DIScomfort of difficult conversations, … Read more

What are you planting for your future?

I recently took inspiration from a retelling of this story, which speaks to the power of Integrity. The Emperor and The Seed (unattributed) Once there was an emperor in the Far East who was growing old and knew it was coming time to choose his successor. Instead of choosing one of his assistants or one … Read more