Stress Costs You Money!

Drowning under a mountain of paper
The hottest trending topic in the fields of HR and Leadership is Wellness. Creating healthier, more positive workplace cultures may very well be THE biggest opportunity leaders have ever had to impact the bottom line through people.
I received received a new study from the Gallup Organization with some scary new data on the cost of stress in the workplace. Here’s a number for you:
The average ADDITIONAL cost for healthcare between a “suffering” unhappy employee and one who is happy and well is $7,314 annually, or 62% more. And that gap increase annually as healthcare costs outpace inflation. Whoa!
I invite you to read the executive summary here. This is real data, folks. Share it with your leaders. It all starts with them!
Remember, Leadership is not about a title: Anyone can be a leader who strives to build a healthier workplace.

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