I sense so much tension in the world, today.  I know that there have been times in human history when conflict was uglier and more violent, and that, statistically speaking, the world has never been safer; and yet… The ugliness that exists today feels so pervasively personal. Internet trolls have affected our ability to have … Read more

Four Clever Things Leaders Do to Reduce Stress at Work

  When you are a key influencer, leader, or manager in a work unit, however you show up affects your team. Like water, your mood flows downhill and across flat areas, always seeking to level the space. Whether you show up happy or stressed, it spreads. Use these four quick tips to change the energy … Read more

Stress Costs You Money!

The hottest trending topic in the fields of HR and Leadership is Wellness. Creating healthier, more positive workplace cultures may very well be THE biggest opportunity leaders have ever had to impact the bottom line through people. I received received a new study from the Gallup Organization with some scary new data on the cost … Read more

Play Like a Kid

I was recruited to deliver the keynote presentation at a regional Human Resources conference in Tampa. My dear wife suggested that I take an extra day to enjoy the sunshine. What?! No way! I’m too busy. I have backlog. I… I’m burned out. So after the conference ended I drove to Orlando, had dinner with … Read more