Coaching Wisdom From Prague

Last week I attended a global conference for coaches held in Prague, Czech Republic. I knew it was going to be one heck of a learning journey when my head was already popping with new ideas from the conversations I had at the opening reception, before attending any learning sessions! My own talk on day … Read more

Coaching and Mindset

As a thought leader and mentor in the coaching space, I often receive inquiries from people who want to explore coaching as a profession or a skillset, and who seek advice from someone who successfully navigated that path already. In a 20-minute conversation, I can load them up with ideas and resources about coaching. Central … Read more

What is Coaching? In two minutes

I get this question often: What is Coaching?  Over my years in the profession the answer has gotten easier, as more people understand coaching as a service provided by trained professionals.There are 50,ooo+ coaches in the world and that number is growing fast; yet the definition of coaching is becoming better defined every day, as … Read more

Did you notice all the COACHES?!

Citius, Altius, Fortius – et cum Magister! ** You probably watched at least a few minutes of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, even if just highlights. Olympians are the best of the best — the Swiftest, Highest, and Strongest, as the Olympic motto reminds us… AND did you notice that every one of them has … Read more

Ten Grumpy Things to Like About Today

Had a conversation with a client who was feeling a bit down this morning.  OK, a LOT down — the economy’s nasty, his business is down, his wife may lose her job, his car needs new brakes… you get the picture. Grouse, grouse, grouse.  Ick. When I challenged him to think of 3 positive things … Read more

What's Love Got To Do With It?

One of my clients has been blogging her way through the coaching experience.  After years of holding all her thoughts inside, she’s discovered that writing helps her reveal herself to herself.  Recently, we revisted an old topic — ♥ self love.♥ This client (who goes by the anonymous title of Spudsie, a childhood nickname) is … Read more

Are You as Happy as You Want to be?

Are you are as happy as you want to be?  Have you “succeeded” yet still find happiness elusive?  Do you sometimes feel “stuck” in your career or your life, without a clear path to what’s next for you? If those questions caused you to pause for a moment, I invite you to read on. What … Read more