Play that Happy Music!

One of my mantras is that you — and you alone — are responsible for your own happiness, that it is your decision.  And if no one else can “make” you happy, it stands to reason that you cannot make other people happy either.  Right?   Well, sort of.  Just because you can’t make someone … Read more

Happiness is Hard Work

This video animation offers a great primer on the difference between traditional psychology and Positive Psych.  In many ways, it’s taken directly from many of my talks — of course the reality is that I studied with Martin Seligman and Mihaly Czikszentmihaly and apparently learned this explanation directly from the source.  The core message:  Creating … Read more

Third, Use Optimism to Create a Positive Future

Gifts for the New Year: Practice Optimism to Create a Positive Future As Martin Seligman (the father of Positive Psychology) realized decades ago, we can train ourselves into any number of emotional states. He first noticed the phenomenon of Learned Helplessness in lab animals subjected to random reward/punishment activities over which they had no control.  … Read more