More Tiny Wisdoms

My focus on six-word wisdoms last month generated much positive reaction, quite possibly because our attention spans have shrunk to under nine seconds – less time than it’s taken you to read this sentence aloud! Here are a few more, for fun: Ask, “In what ways might I?” You’ve been trained your entire life to … Read more

My Summer Reading

I don’t create a huge summer reading list any more.  but people still ask.  So as I’m making my selections, I’m sharing.  Here are some books I’m reading while on the beach this year: For personal transformation, Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown.  Everyone who has read this insists I will love it — about being vulnerable and showing … Read more

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Smarter

I practice yoga, and over the winter I attended a workshop on Inversions (all the “upside down” and hand balancing poses). For the past two years I have worked my practice daily, and achieved a Headstand last year (imagine, at age 55, learning to stand on my head!). The next level of challenge for me … Read more

How Do You Keep Your Edge as a Coach?

I mentor other coaches, in addition to working directly with clients. One of the coaches I’m currently mentoring wrote to ask how I keep learning. It caused me to reflect, and I ended up sending her and others a list of the resources and some books that I use to keep my own edge sharp. I share them here.

Apply the Learning of the Masters to your Goals

When I entered the rotunda of the Galleria dell’Accademie in Firenze (Florence) for my first live look at this Italian icon, it literally took my breath away. 17 feet tall, sleek and powerful, Michelangelo’s David is truly a marvel — accurate down to the veins on the back of his hands and the chipped toenails … Read more

You won't be good at what you don't do

You would probably not expect yourself to place well in a swimming race if you only got into the pool once every six months. And if you need to generate custom reports from the accounting software, you’ll probably seek training and experience so you can increase your comfort with the programming parameters. When you engage … Read more

Practice Does Not Mean Perfect

I practice yoga. I have to continually remind myself of that notion.  I PRACTICE yoga.  I continually strive to be better at it.  But sometimes, I forget about the “Practice” part, and I try too hard to be Perfect…which is how I’ve ended up with two yoga injuries six months apart. How can something that … Read more