More Tiny Wisdoms

My focus on six-word wisdoms last month generated much positive reaction, quite possibly because our attention spans have shrunk to under nine seconds – less time than it’s taken you to read this sentence aloud!

Here are a few more, for fun:

Ask, “In what ways might I?” You’ve been trained your entire life to focus on problems as barriers, which means you generally gravitate first to noticing why something cannot be done. To open your options, reframe your challenges through a lens of positive curiosity by first asking, “In what ways MIGHT I….?” to create a list of solutions rather than obstacles.’

Practice implies you’re not yet perfect. Which is actually true. You’re not “perfect” and you never will be (because human!). Practice is what you do to learn a new skill, build competence, or form a new habit. When you let go of perfection as a goal, you can dramatically reduce stress and friction in your life and shift all that energy into simply getting better every day.

Mastery’s a journey, not a destination. Following on the practice idea, this six-word essay reminds us that the paradox of mastery is that the more we learn, the better we understand how much MORE there is. True masters never stop learning and growing.

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