ACT HAPPY WEEK, DAY 1: WHERE ARE YOU NOW? I’m always excited about the third week of March. Act Happy Week has been a thing since 2004, embracing International Day of Happiness on March 20. We SOOO need Act Happy Week this year, so I hope you’ll join me. Every day this week I will offer you a new tool … Read more

COVID Brain Part 3: Awesomeness

COVID Brain Part 3: Awesomeness One of my favorite writers has been posting daily bits of Pandemic Awesomeness. Inspired, I’ve been working on my own list. Discovering that I DO have the motivation to exercise even though the gyms are closed Having fresh baked bread twice a week for the past 20 weeks – because … Read more

Social Distance is not Social Disconnection

Doctors ask us to keep two meters apart to reduce transmission of COVID-19. But don’t let physical distance lead to emotional disconnection. We need each other more than ever right now. Whether you are passing people in a hallway, sitting a safe space away, or speaking via video or phone, Smile. When you smile on … Read more

Five Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Happier

Why do we make Happiness feel so damn elusive and unavailable? Why is it always about the pursuit of Happiness? Can we, for just a moment, notice that it is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO US and all we have to do is turn to it, say “Hi!” and enjoy its company for a moment? Breathe … Read more

More Tiny Wisdoms

My focus on six-word wisdoms last month generated much positive reaction, quite possibly because our attention spans have shrunk to under nine seconds – less time than it’s taken you to read this sentence aloud! Here are a few more, for fun: Ask, “In what ways might I?” You’ve been trained your entire life to … Read more

Happiness is Yours to Create

Happy 6th Birthday, IDOH! The United Nations created the International Day Of Happiness in 2012 on a unanimous vote by all 193 member nations (a rare occurrence!), and the day has been celebrated since 2013. The UN Resolution recognized the pursuit of happiness as a human right and a “fundamental human goal.” The founder of … Read more

19 Reasons Why You are Already Failing at Your Resolutions

Are you already failing on your resolutions?  Here’s why: The world often places obstacles on our path to happiness in life and work. But you know what? We often do a lot more to mess up our own happiness. I see this in my coaching clients all the time, and you are probably doing some … Read more

First, Believe in Happiness

Gifts for the New Year:  First, Believe in Happiness At my coaching group’s annual holiday gathering, we exchange used, gift-wrapped books. When a book is opened, the person who brought it stands up to tell the story of how that book impacted impacted them, and why they chose to share it.  One woman’s personal story … Read more

What would you get on your tattoo?

Last week one of my clients confessed to me that, “I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.” I was amused for a moment, as this client is a high-powered top executive with a very conservative organization– and who has teenagers in the house. The conversation continued, “I’ve always loved the Celtic symbol for Balance, and now … Read more

Tips to Reduce Your Stress During Job Search

While I ran an outplacement center earlier in my career, I know much about search tactics.  But these days my passion is to help folks in this situation by emphasizing the importance of self-care during the search. As the corporate saying goes, “hire for attitude, train for skills.”  What that means for the job searcher … Read more